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ATDHE has live sports streams every day of the week.  There are streams for live football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, cricket, UFC, and more.  ATDHE lists all the games/sports that are currently live online and being streamed and then you need to open up the stream.   Live sports streams online occurs when a streamer uses an application to connect their cable/television connection to their computer and stream the event onto the internet.  If you want to stream live sports online you would need both the hardware and software to do so.  It takes a little bit of learning but when you are an expert like ATDHE at streaming live sports online then you can stream anything you want online.

On Sunday there is every single NFL football game streaming live online at ATDHE net.  On Monday the Monday Night Football game is on, and when there are NFL games on Thursday nights those are also streaming live on ATDHE net.  The baseball, hockey, and basketball games are streaming on ATDHE net every single day of the season for those sports.

There are other sites that stream live sports online, such as Justin tv, Veemi, UStream, and a few other ones, but those are the big sites.  There are also streams online that are P2P, peer to peer.  You can watch these but you need to download and install a P2P application.  The most popular ones right now online are Streamtorrent, Sopcast, TVAnts.  These are the big three P2P sports streaming applications online.

There is also an application you can download and watch live sports with on your computer.  These channels and games are streamed through the application and this is called TVUPlayer or TVU Player.  This application won't stream every live sports game but it will have a few of each sport.  It is consistent but not as comprehensive at ATDHE net live sports streams.

ATDHE Football

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